Private Banking

Private Banking

Rather than just a bank, your money needs a vision.

Vision is what makes all the difference between good and excellent, between ordinary and exceptional and between competent and brilliant. At Bankinter Private Banking we have the experience and talent to have the vision a vital pre-requisite, that we set for ourselves every day. It is this spirit of vision that you will always find, in each conversation with us, in each idea we suggest, in each exclusive solution that we create for management of your assets.

We will be delighted to talk to you. Shall we talk?

Yours faithfully,
Pedro Lobo
Director of Private Banking
Bankinter, S.A. – Sucursal em Portugal

Shall we talk?

If you wish to be contacted by one of our Private Bankers, please send us your contact.

Shall we talk?

If you wish to be contacted by one of our Private Bankers, please send us your contact.


It’s vital that we understand each other better - to share our visions, ideas, and perspectives.

In this new era, let's not talk about money. Let's talk about the world around you, what inspires you. Let's talk about determination, talent, anticipating trends and, above all, ambition. Let's talk about differentiating and personalised investment solutions. Let’s talk about profitability, an integrated vision and the regular monitoring of the profitability of your assets. Let's talk about your specific situation and develop exclusive, tailor-made solutions for you as a Customer.

We hope that we can meet soon and chat, so that you can become inspired by Bankinter Private Banking.

Bankinter is an investment-grade bank * rated by the main rating agencies. For all these reasons, and not by chance, we should get to know each other.
*Bankinter Ratings (long term): A- (Standard & Poors, November 2022), Baa1 (Moody’s, July 2019), A (low)(DBRS, July 2023). Source: Bloomberg.


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